The Crisis Cleanup Podcast

Crisis Cleanup Podcast Introduction

March 13, 2019

Crisis Cleanup Podcast Introduction

00:00- Introduction
00:28- How it feels to be a new disaster relief volunteer
01:19- Format and subjects of the Crisis Cleanup Podcast
02:11- The four laws of disaster recovery, 4Cs, 4Rs
03:26- Coopetition, transparency, intersecting interests
05:24- The Art of VOAD
06:44- Volunteer-Centric
07:12- VOAD and Voluntary Disaster Relief
07:49- Aaron Titus Introduction and Background
09:51- Contact Info

Includes "Cmping" by Phillip Gross at, "Blind Love Dub" by Jeris at, "NYPD Police Scanner" by flyineye at, "Keyboard Typing" by Trollarch2 at, "Chainsaw Moderatly Distant a" and "Ambiance Large Crowd a" by inspectorj at, "Ruler Twangs" by stinkhorn at, "Cartoon Slurp" by breviceps at

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