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Volunteerism Part 1: Why Volunteer After Disasters?

March 25, 2019

Volunteerism Part 1: Why Volunteer After Disasters?

Why do we volunteer after disasters? Is disaster volunteerism a net positive or so inefficient that we should discourage it? What drives people to volunteer?

00:00- Introduction
01:13- Ronnie Devries, Harvey Volunteer Organizer
06:04- Reasons for volunteering, Art Stukas, Associate Professor of Social Psychology at La Trobe University, Melbourne Australia
11:50- TJ Porter, Team Rubicon
13:45- Critiques on Volunteerism
15:16- Matthew Marchetti, Crowdsource Rescue
15:58- Value of Volunteerism, TJ Porter & Aaron Titus
19:40- Volunteer to Associate with Good People, Aaron Titus
20:39- Katrina French, Corporation for National Community Service

Includes "Cmping" by Phillip Gross at, "Illusions Part 1" by Delicasession at, and "The Tea Party" by Dexter Britain, at

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