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Volunteerism Part 2: Affiliated Volunteerism

April 1, 2019

Volunteerism Part 2: Affiliated Volunteerism

00:00- Introduction
00:51- Moving Beyond the "L word:" Liability
02:48- Stop the first domino: Risk, Harm, and Liability
04:49- Risk allocation is at the heart of all volunteerism models
05:34- Leading the Athletes into the Olympic Closing Ceremonies
07:00- Three Pillars of Volunteerism--Trust, Training, and Supervisio--Decrease Risk
07:21- Carrie Olenick, Volunteers of America, Northern Colorado on Trust
08:28- Trust is a continuum, and is more than background checks
09:29- Training
10:07- Supervision
10:26- Various organizations will train you in their specialties
11:33- Affiliated Volunteerism means joining before a disaster
12:03- Future episodes will explore unaffiliated volunteerism and emergent volunteerism

Includes "Cmping" by Phillip Gross at, "Yleisön rytmikästä kannustusta ja taputusta stadionilla, torvia. (EM 1994, Helsinki)" by YleArkisto on

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